What to tell the man at the post office when posting Mooncups?

Yesterday I posted a couple of Mooncups to a friend who wanted to try them. For those who have no idea what a Mooncup is it’s a reusable, silicon cup which women can use when they have their periods instead of having to purchase disposable pads and tampons every month.

The man at the post office asked me what was in the package because I was posting it overseas and I had to write it on the customs declaration. I think they also need to make sure we’re not posting any forbidden items. I hope it is obvious that these were brand new and unused, in case anyone is wondering. I replied with, “Mooncups”, to which he responded, “I take it you mean cups with moons on them?”. I just smiled and nodded. What should I have said? They’re silicon receptacles that women insert into their vaginas for catching menstrual fluid?

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