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  • Royal Lochnagar Distillery and Albert’s Cairn

    Royal Lochnagar Distillery and Albert’s Cairn

    Yesterday everything seemed to go wrong with the Glenfiddich distillery being closed and our subsequent failed attempts to find a distillery with a tour that wasn’t fully booked and that permitted children. Today we planned to go for a hike in the Cairngorms and I decided to check Royal Lochnagar Distillery on the off-chance we […]

  • Three whisky distilleries and a castle

    Three whisky distilleries and a castle

    Daniel’s friend from New Zealand is visiting us for the weekend again and we wanted to take him to Glenfiddich Distillery for lunch and a tour today. Glenfiddich is the only distillery I’m aware of that lets children accompany adults on tours; however, despite their website and social media accounts and even their answering machine […]

  • I finally got my husband to wear a skirt

    I finally got my husband to wear a skirt

    It’s Burns Night tonight which is an annual celebration of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. I think it’s traditionally called a Burns Supper but we’ve never been to one before so we were not 100% sure what’s meant to happen. However, we have an Australian visitor joining us for the weekend so we did some […]

  • Aberlour


    After the hottest Easter weekend ever a little bit of winter has returned and we saw patches of snow on the ground as we drove to Aberlour yesterday. It made me happy. I love the feeling of cold air against my cheeks and we didn’t get a lot of that this past winter. We drove […]

  • Oban, Stalker Castle, and Glencoe

    Oban, Stalker Castle, and Glencoe

    We visited the Oban Distillery in Oban today and did the tour. Kids are allowed on this tour which is great because Daniel and Elizabeth find it very interesting and distilleries are fascinating places. As is often the case with these things the process is much more complicated than you think and I’m always left […]

  • Vegan haggis with whisky sauce

    Vegan haggis with whisky sauce

    After our visit to Glenfiddich last weekend I was inspired to make a vegan whisky sauce to go with vegan haggis. All the supermarkets here sell vegetarian haggis and there are two main brands to choose from – Simon Howie and Macsween. Both are very good. Last night we had Simon Howie’s haggis which contains […]

  • Malt whisky country

    Malt whisky country

    We finished our weekend in malt whisky country with a trip to the Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown. Before leaving Glenlivet this morning – which is where we spent our weekend – I got this nice photo of the Glenlivet distillery from afar. The drive from Glenlivet to Glenfiddich is not very far: about 10 miles […]

  • The Glenlivet

    The Glenlivet

    The Glenlivet Whisky Distillery is about 1.5 hours north-west of Aberdeen in a beautiful, rural pocket of the Cairngorms. It’s surrounded by forests, rivers, hills, and farmland. The buildings are black in this next photo because the whisky production process attracts microorganisms causing it to go black. A fungus – Baudoinia compniacensis – feeds on […]

  • When is a reasonable time to eat dinner?

    I’ve got a work trip to Spain coming up and I’ve been looking for places to book for dinner since we’ll be a large group. However many of the restaurants don’t open until 9pm which is ridiculous. I’m usually in bed by that time. One place said they’d open early especially for us but even […]

  • A taste for whisky

    A taste for whisky

    I feel like I need to embrace my new home country a bit more and learn to enjoy pure malt whisky. Ben likes the peaty stuff and so that’s what we mostly have in the house. I decided to give some of this a try, watered down with soda water. I’ve got my armchair, pajamas, […]

  • Strathisla Distillery and Huntly Castle

    Strathisla Distillery and Huntly Castle

    We had a really full day today with lots of walking and train-travel. We took the train to Keith which is a very small village about an hour north-west from Aberdeen. I thought Doug would like to visit a whisky distillery and Keith is home to the Strathisla distillery. Question: Does anyone know which whisky is […]