Strathisla Distillery and Huntly Castle

We had a really full day today with lots of walking and train-travel. We took the train to Keith which is a very small village about an hour north-west from Aberdeen. I thought Doug would like to visit a whisky distillery and Keith is home to the Strathisla distillery.



Question: Does anyone know which whisky is made at the Strathisla distillery?


Answer: Chivas Regal!!

Personally I think whisky is the most disgusting thing ever invented but I quite like visiting these distilleries because they’re interesting places and usually in buildings which are pleasing to look at. Strathisla did not disappoint.

After our whisky stop we caught the train to Huntly to see Huntly Castle which looked particularly lovely in autumn colours.



As you can see we had beautiful weather but mum and Doug, who are used to days like this every day in Brisbane, would have preferred overcast and gloomy. In fact, on their first day here I caught Doug putting zinc cream on his nose before heading out for a walk. I had to explain that zinc cream is not necessary in Scotland, especially in November šŸ™‚


I’m standing in the castle brewery in this next photo and the sign behind me says “Alewife’s brew”. An alewife was the word they used for a woman who brewed ale.







Right next to Huntly Castle is the Nordic Outdoor Ski Centre and they were having an open day today, so we decided to check it out and the kids did some tubing. I even chatted for quite a while with Brodie Murray, a cross-country skier on the British team, and he was really nice.



Ben stood at the top of the slope pushing the kids down and on one occasion, just as he pushed Elizabeth, he heard a ripping sound and then felt a draft between his legs. He put an enormous hole in his trousers and had to walk all the way back to the train station, then catch the train, then walk all the home from the train station with his underpants visible to anyone who looked. I’m sure I saw a couple of girls on the train whispering and laughing at him. I would have taken a photo except that it might have meant I could no longer claim to have a G-rated blog, so instead I took a photo of the trousers *after* he took them off.


I think we’ll chuck those in the bin šŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Strathisla Distillery and Huntly Castle”

    1. Well, neither place was particularly nice but we were a bit disappointed that nothing was open. We just wanted somewhere to sit and get a coffee and there was nothing in Keith or Huntly.

  1. That place looks cosy and beautiful pics.

    How did Ben manage such a big hole? It is a bit awkward but I think it is all in the mind. So I hope he sported “who cares” attitude until he can change his trousers. šŸ™‚

  2. No mistake about the hole in Ben’s trousers. Lucky he wasn’t arrested. šŸ™‚ Had a good laugh over that. Meanwhile, I’m planning to move in with you as you lead such interesting lives. A very entertaining post. šŸ™‚

  3. That’s one major rip. That happened to one of our pupils when I was working in the first aid office. We only had safety pins to send him home with, but they were better than nothing until he got there.
    It’s funny how fabric can get gradually so compromised that it just goes like that!

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