Look what I did in Vienna!

On my last night in Vienna it was a friend’s birthday and a small group of us got together to celebrate.We went indoor skydiving at Windobona. Here’s the video of my first minute of flying.

It was exhilarating and harder than I was expecting. When you first start the trainer stays in there with you. I’m not sure how many goes you need before you can start doing somersaults and nose-dives but I was pretty stoked just to float on air. It’s definitely worth doing if you get the chance.

7 Replies to “Look what I did in Vienna!”

  1. Oooh… now I definitely want to holiday in Vienna – do this, stay at a funky hotel, and who knows what else?
    It’s funny what you learn about when blogging! Blogs was where I learned about Escape Rooms and took my child there for her birthday, which was great fun.

  2. That’s awesome! I wonder how that works. I can’t see any stings attached to you.

    Saru mentioned the indoor skydiving last week. I think they arranged one at recent GM.

    I wouldn’t even try the indoor though!

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