Be careful what you say

A couple of times recently I’ve replied to a Twitter direct message on my iPhone expecting my reply to also be a direct message only to be horrified to see my message become a Tweet on my public profile. At first I thought maybe I had done something wrong so I tested it out today. A friend sent me a direct message. The notification appeared on my iPhone and I had the option to reply to it which I did. But my reply was not sent as a direct message; it was sent as a Tweet to no-one in particular.

This is potentially quite dangerous. What if I’d said “John Doe is a poopyhead” or something like that, thinking it was going to be a private message when in actual fact it was added to my public profile. What if John Doe saw my Tweet and sued me for £6000? Sound unlikely? A number of Tweeps are being sued for calling someone antisemitic. Be careful what you say.

Next time I want to call John Doe a poopyhead I’ll just whisper it under my breath in my office 🙂