An apology and Scottish independence

I retweeted a tweet earlier that I thought was funny but was criticised for tweeting foul language. I actually regret retweeting that tweet now (and have removed it from my feed), not so much because of the language – I do have a bit of a foul mouth – but because I can see that some might find it offensive. So this is an apology to those who follow my Twitter feed.

I am a bit disappointed by the outcome of the Scottish referendum even though I am not all that surprised by the result. It seems strange to me that a country that predominately votes left of centre, should vote for a ruling government that is right of centre. Why? My feeling is that it is fear of change. However I’m sure there are many economic implications of independence that I do not fully understand and I haven’t really followed the pros and cons of independence all that closely. I read George Monbiot’s recent articles on the topic and he was strongly in favour of yes. Who could possibly disagree with George Monbiot? I suspect it’s also easier for me to accept the idea of independence coming, as I do, from a country that left the UK more than 100 years ago and has done just fine on its own. A country choosing to govern its own affairs doesn’t really seem like a big deal to me. But on the bright side, Australia and New Zealand won’t have to change their flags.

I dreamt the other night that I had an enormous fish tank filled with tropical fish. I had to catch every last one of them and find new homes for them before departing for Scotland. It included things like Coolie Loaches which are almost impossible to catch. It was such a relief to wake up to discover that there’s no such fish tank in our house.

In case anyone missed it, this take on Scottish independence from John Oliver is very funny and well worth watching.