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  • More pics of the main streets of St Andrews

  • The Himalayan Putting Course

    Someone suggested to me this morning that we visit the The Himalayan Putting Course in St Andrews and by strange coincidence we just happened to be on our way to this very spot. ┬áThe Himalayan Putting Course is run by the Ladies Putting Club and is open to everyone, including beginners and children but only […]

  • When in Rome…

    We’re in St Andrews, the birthplace of golf, and what better way to introduce the kids to the sport than by visiting the British Golf Museum? It’s not a free museum but I think we got our money’s worth. It’s filled with cabinet after cabinet of old golf clubs, golf balls, trophies and medals and […]

  • More from St Andrews

    You can’t go to St Andrews without visiting the world-famous Swilcan Bridge and this we did today. I’m not sure whether you’re allowed to walk onto the green for the purpose of taking photos but we did and no-one told us off. Here are our tacky tourist photos. Ben is attending a conference here so […]

  • St Andrews

    We are in the lovely coastal village of St Andrews, Scotland. The Ricoh British Women’s Golf Open is currently running (not the reason we’re here) and the place is heaving with golf enthusiasts. An English friend of mine who recently spent some time in New Zealand (you know who you are!) told me that British […]