More from St Andrews

You can’t go to St Andrews without visiting the world-famous Swilcan Bridge and this we did today. I’m not sure whether you’re allowed to walk onto the green for the purpose of taking photos but we did and no-one told us off. Here are our tacky tourist photos.



Ben is attending a conference here so it is just me with the little epsilons during the day and so Daniel took the next photo of me with Elizabeth. Not bad for a 6-year-old.



Later we went for a swim at the beach. There was not a soul swimming in the sea and Daniel asked me why but he was able to find out for himself when he and Elizabeth ventured in. It was freezing! The North Sea is quite a bit colder than the Southern Pacific Ocean. But this did not deter Daniel and Elizabeth who both managed to stave off frostbite for a swim.


And lastly, a street call Butts Wynd.