The Himalayan Putting Course

Someone suggested to me this morning that we visit the The Himalayan Putting Course in St Andrews and by strange coincidence we just happened to be on our way to this very spot.  The Himalayan Putting Course is run by the Ladies Putting Club and is open to everyone, including beginners and children but only at allocated times.  It’s very good value at £2 for adults and £1 for children, including sticks and balls. I wish we’d discovered this place earlier in the week as we might have come here every day.

Swilcon Bridge is off to the right in the distance.
Having a rest.
Cakes anyone?
Daniel was very taken with this shop.

After golf, we went back for a second visit to the golf museum because our tickets are valid for two days. Daniel keeps mistaking golf for hockey. When we walked inside Daniel shouted loudly (and he has a very loud voice), “I want to go to the place where we play hockey”. When will the children stop saying and doing embarrassing things? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around with me embarrassing them? I suppose a golf club is not that unlike a hockey stick.

Not a bad house:


We leave St Andrews tomorrow and I am happy to be moving on. It’s a lovely little place but one week is more than enough time to see the sights.

3 thoughts on “The Himalayan Putting Course”

  1. I really like the style of the last pictures you posted, it looks a lot like what we call Victorian style. You don’t get to embarrass your children until they get much older, then its payback time 🙂

  2. Daniel looks as though he’s really into golf. I’ll have some of the cream cakes please. I agree with xbox2121. You’ll have to wait until the kids are teenagers before you can embarrass them. You won’t even have to try. It will come naturally. 🙂

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