St Andrews

We are in the lovely coastal village of St Andrews, Scotland. The Ricoh British Women’s Golf Open is currently running (not the reason we’re here) and the place is heaving with golf enthusiasts.

An English friend of mine who recently spent some time in New Zealand (you know who you are!) told me that British beaches are not as accessible as New Zealand beaches. I want her to know that the beach in St Andrews is very accessible and very beautiful. It was also the location of the running on the beach scene from Chariots of Fire.

Off-road bike path.
St Andrews Castle.
St Andrews Castle.

6 thoughts on “St Andrews”

  1. Once again I am impressed with the photos with your phone the pictures tell the story for you !
    They also play the men’s British open their every few years also 😊

    1. The phone does take pretty good photos but I’ve also got some amazing scenes to work with and I really don’t think I’ve done them justice. Glad you’re enjoying them.

  2. Yes I agree that the photos are excellent, so clear. I have read that it is blowing a gale at St Andrews and that they had to postpone the Womens Masters golf until the wind died down, yesterday I think. The ball would not stay still on the greens!

  3. beautiful – our son and his wife are talking of moving to Scotland – I hope so – that way I have a home there also. Haven’t been yet——-

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