Cyclist has to pay pedestrian who walked out in front while looking at phone

I'm pleased to see this fellow's GoFundMe page doing so well. It's nearly up to £40,000 after just a couple of days. For those who don't know the story, Robert Hazeldean was cycling in London when a pedestrian stepped out in front of him and the two collided. The pedestrian was looking at her phone… Continue reading Cyclist has to pay pedestrian who walked out in front while looking at phone

Prioritising people over cars

Have you ever wondered why pedestrians have to push a button and then wait at intersections before crossing the road? Why isn't it the other way around with cars having to push a button and then waiting before driving through the intersection? It was a question that popped into my head after reading a recent… Continue reading Prioritising people over cars

Shared spaces

I want to write about shared spaces. These are road spaces that everyone shares - pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, buses, and taxis. Rather than segregating users into their own space, all signalling and road markings are removed and everyone is thrown in together. The theory is that if you remove all the road markings, traffic lights,… Continue reading Shared spaces

Part-pedestrianisation of Broad St

To say I was disappointed when the Aberdeen City Council announced in June 2016 they were to go ahead with a part-pedestrianisation of Broad St is to say I'm unmoved by a bit of snow. Perhaps I get too emotional about these things but just as I'm overjoyed to see snow, I was deeply saddened… Continue reading Part-pedestrianisation of Broad St

The Christmas markets and some new boots

The Christmas markets have opened in Aberdeen already. I'm sure they start it earlier and earlier each year. This year it's a little bit special because it's on the newly pedestrianised Broad Street. The Aberdeen City Council has been promising pedestrianisation of the city centre for about a decade now and finally they've managed to… Continue reading The Christmas markets and some new boots

Should cyclists be allowed to run red lights?

People like to complain about cyclists: "They don't obey the law," "They run red lights," etc. I've seen cyclists go through red lights before but I don't object when they do it. Why not? I'll try to explain using a situation I found myself in today. I was on my bike with kids inside at an… Continue reading Should cyclists be allowed to run red lights?

Phones calls, traffic, the bridge and beards

Daniel, who is 7 years old, got his first phone call the other day. I answered the phone and heard a young boy politely introduce himself and then ask to speak to Daniel. Completely stunned, I handed the phone to Daniel who was just as surprised as I was and then I heard them discuss… Continue reading Phones calls, traffic, the bridge and beards