Star Wars and cycling

We took the kids to see Star Wars today. On the cycle ride home I had to dash across four lanes of traffic to get across a bridge that has no crossing for pedestrians or cyclists. I did the same thing yesterday only yesterday a gallant young man stood in the middle of the road with his arms out forcing the cars to stop for me so that I could cross. The young man was not there today and so we dashed out in front of lots of cars to get safely to the other side. It really is an appalling situation. Why are they accommodating cars before pedestrians and cyclists?

At one point I said, “Fucking cars” and Daniel sitting in Busby heard me and said, “Did you say “fucking?”. To which I replied that it was naughty of me and I shouldn’t have said it, it’s just that I hate cars. Daniel retorted with, “Then why do you drive the electric car?”. My son is picking flaws in my logic.

Star Wars was very entertaining and the kids seemed to enjoy it [SPOILER ALERTS COMING]. It was nice to see a female hero and it was basically the same sort of theme as the original three films. In fact, I think they could have recycled much of the same dialogue. It’s all very incestuous with more family members turning evil as before. My only gripe is that the whole film was pretty much based on both sides trying to find Luke who disappeared for the stupid reason that one of his students turned bad. Imagine if all teachers did that? Then he appears for 30 seconds at the end in a silly moment where he pulls his hood back to some dramatic music and then the credits roll up. I also wondered whether the heroine is Luke’s daughter but Luke has always been a bit asexual so I can’t see how that’s possible.

I’ll finish with this funny cartoon I saw today: