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  • A happy birthday, happy Hogmanay, and Dinner for One

    A happy birthday, happy Hogmanay, and Dinner for One

    If you’re looking for something funny to watch this New Year’s Eve then might I suggest this 15-minute British comedy sketch filmed in 1963 which will have you laughing out loud. It’s played annually on New Year’s Eve in many European countries and is widely known throughout northern Europe except, oddly, in the UK where […]

  • Goodbye tens, hello twenties

    Goodbye tens, hello twenties

    It’s the end of a decade today, depending on how you count. Ben tells me the twenties don’t officially begin until 2021 but he’s a mathematician and mathematicians start counting from one. Whereas my background is computer science and in computer science, we begin counting from zero, so I’m going with the twenties beginning tomorrow. […]

  • Birthday activity list and happy Hogmanay!

    Birthday activity list and happy Hogmanay!

    Elizabeth is 8 today and to celebrate her big day she’s put together a list of activities for us to do: We found it interesting that she put “open presents” as one of the last things to do today. She has opened a couple of present already this morning but all the rest she’s chosen […]

  • Happy Hogmanay!

    Hogmanay is the Scottish word for the last day of the year which is today and it also happens to be Elizabeth’s birthday. This year we went to the Pantomime. I’ve never been before but I’d heard good things about it.  It was superb and exceeded all my expectations. We saw Dick McWhittington,  the Scottish […]

  • A new year: 2014

    Elizabeth had a great birthday party yesterday. It was fun for the adults too and not without a few mishaps. At one point, Daniel vomited on the coat of one of our guests. I think he ate too much. Then a four-year-old in attendance was very taken with Ben’s costume and began requesting bits of […]

  • Happy birthday, Elizabeth

    On this day, four years ago, Elizabeth was born. In hindsight, it wasn’t very well planned but she was due on the 17th of December and kept us waiting. After two weeks, the hospital staff refused to let me wait any longer and so on New Year’s Eve 2009, I was induced and Elizabeth was […]