Happy Hogmanay!

Hogmanay is the Scottish word for the last day of the year which is today and it also happens to be Elizabeth’s birthday. This year we went to the Pantomime. I’ve never been before but I’d heard good things about it.  It was superb and exceeded all my expectations.

We saw Dick McWhittington,  the Scottish version of Dick Whittington. There was singing and dancing, lots of slap-stick comedy, plenty of politically incorrect references, toilet humour and Benny Hill-type jokes. The kids loved it so much as did we. There was even a segment about Donald Trump which, I’m sure you can guess, was not complimentary. It’s a British tradition to go to the Pantomime with the family in December and I think we’ll make it our tradition too. I love living here so much and I especially love living in Scotland.

Here’s the theatre in Aberdeen. It’s lovely inside.



Elizabeth got a new bike for her birthday.


She also got a neat game you can hook up to an iPad where users control the character in the game with coding blocks. It’s an introduction to programming for kids which is a bit like Scratch except that the coding blocks are tangible things you can move around with your hands. It was a big hit and she played with it for almost an hour this morning.


She got several other cool things too and had a very enjoyable birthday, I think.

Did you know that Auld Lang Syne is a Scottish poem written by Robert Burns? Scotland has a lot of distinctly Scottish things – a distinct culture I guess you’d say – like tartan, whisky, kilts, golf (invented here), bagpipes, hogmanay, haggis, shortbread, Gaelic, and lots of other things I’ve likely forgotten.

Happy birthday Elizabeth and Happy Hogmanay everyone else. May 2017 bring peace, health, and happiness.