Birthday activity list and happy Hogmanay!

Elizabeth is 8 today and to celebrate her big day she’s put together a list of activities for us to do:


We found it interesting that she put “open presents” as one of the last things to do today. She has opened a couple of present already this morning but all the rest she’s chosen to save for later. This is impressive and demonstrates that she’s developed a sense of delayed gratification.

Hogmanay is the Scottish word for New Year’s Eve which is widely celebrated in Scotland. Elizabeth doesn’t mind sharing a birthday with Hogmanay and, if anything, it means she avoids the post-Christmas blues because she’s excited for her special day. As much of the planet sings Auld Lang Syne over the next 24 hours bear in mind that this is a Scottish folk song which is based on a poem reportedly written by the Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

Happy Hogmanay!


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