One week left to respond to the city council SUMP consultation

The Aberdeen City Council currently has its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) out for consultation and it's closing next week on July 26th. This is a plea for anyone living in the area to respond to the consultation before it closes. It's important for as many people to have their say as possible because politicians… Continue reading One week left to respond to the city council SUMP consultation

A vision for King Street, Aberdeen

Earlier this year I applied for and received funding for the Aberdeen Cycle Forum to commission two visualisations of streets in Aberdeen with a bike path. One of them has just been released. It's for King Street and extends the King Street Design Competition we held by taking the winning designs and turning them into… Continue reading A vision for King Street, Aberdeen

King Street Design Competition

We announced the winners of the King Street Design Competition today. It took a bit longer than expected because we extended the competition by one week and then the judging took just over two weeks. However the whole thing was a great success. I'm so impressed with all the designs we received and it was… Continue reading King Street Design Competition

King Street cycle path competition

Last week, on behalf of the Aberdeen Cycle Forum, I launched a design competition for a cycle path on King Street in Aberdeen. Out of all the cities in Scotland, Aberdeen was the only one not to apply for Sustrans Community Links Plus funding this year which is specifically for infrastructure projects like this. The… Continue reading King Street cycle path competition