One week left to respond to the city council SUMP consultation

The Aberdeen City Council currently has its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) out for consultation and it’s closing next week on July 26th. This is a plea for anyone living in the area to respond to the consultation before it closes. It’s important for as many people to have their say as possible because politicians will vote on it in November this year and they will take feedback from this consultation when deciding how to vote.

Overall the plan is pretty good. Aberdeen Cycle Forum’s visualisation of King Street appears in it and there’s mention of segregated bike paths in various places. It could be even better though. I recommended a segregated bike path for Market Street (not currently included in the plan). I also think the objectives should include a point about making the city safe enough for an unaccompanied 12-year-old to cycle. A city that’s good for children is good for everyone. Union Street should be completely closed to motor vehicles between Union Terrace and Broad Street and Schoolhill should also have a segregated bike path.


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