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  • Pap of Glencoe

    Pap of Glencoe

    We walked part of the Pap of Glencoe walk which is a hill walk starting from Old Glencoe Road, just a little bit east of Strath Lodge Glencoe. It’s a rocky, boggy walk with bits that require scrambling on all fours. There are also streams that you need to cross over although with a bit […]

  • More pics of Glencoe

    More pics of Glencoe

    The last time I was in Glencoe was more than 20 years ago and I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. Unlike the east coast of Scotland the mountains here are rugged and domineering and make one feel small and insignificant which is comforting. April is a wonderful time of year to tour Scotland because there’s […]

  • Oban, Stalker Castle, and Glencoe

    Oban, Stalker Castle, and Glencoe

    We visited the Oban Distillery in Oban today and did the tour. Kids are allowed on this tour which is great because Daniel and Elizabeth find it very interesting and distilleries are fascinating places. As is often the case with these things the process is much more complicated than you think and I’m always left […]

  • A day of rain and fearsome mountains

    A day of rain and fearsome mountains

    We awoke to a rainy gloomy day today and spent the first half of it relaxing inside by the fire and eating soup. To avoid coming down with cabin fever we ventured out in the early afternoon to take in some of the sights around Glencoe. The mountains looked particularly fearsome with dark clouds above. […]

  • Glencoe and Hagrid’s hut

    Glencoe and Hagrid’s hut

    We’ve had a lovely couple of days in Glencoe, Scotland. What a beautiful place! Part of the reason we came here is because we recently read all the Harry Potter books to the kids at bedtime. This is the second time I’ve read them aloud because I did it for Daniel some years ago and […]