Glencoe and Hagrid’s hut

We’ve had a lovely couple of days in Glencoe, Scotland. What a beautiful place!








Part of the reason we came here is because we recently read all the Harry Potter books to the kids at bedtime. This is the second time I’ve read them aloud because I did it for Daniel some years ago and now it’s Elizabeth’s turn. After each book we watched the films and during the Prisoner of Azkaban I admired the lovely scenery around Hagrid’s hut and discovered it was filmed in Glencoe. Here’s a pic from the film (taken from Harry Potter in Glencoe):


And here’s the same spot today:





The Hagrid’s hut is about 25 minutes walk from Glencoe Village. Alternatively you can park at the Clachaig Inn and then it’s a 5 minute walk. It’s marked on Google maps:



9 responses to “Glencoe and Hagrid’s hut”

    1. It is beautiful. I could happily live here.

  1. Have skied, rock & winter climbed and walked there for decades. Amazing place – and the sun was out too!!!

    1. It is an amazing place. It’s an outdoor adventurer’s wonderland. I’m not surprised to hear you’ve spent lots of time here 🙂

  2. How did you find that doggy? Was it signposted “Hagrid’s Hut”? We’ve been through Glencoe several times en-roite somewhere else and only ever stopped at a waterfall there. It does look to be good walking country.

    1. It’s not signposted but Google maps has « site where Hagrid’s hut was filmed »

  3. […] breathtaking beauty as a location used for multiple scenes for The Prisoner of Azkaban, including Hagrid’s Hut. The Glen is steeped in history and has some great nature walks that will get you away from the road […]

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