A day of rain and fearsome mountains

We awoke to a rainy gloomy day today and spent the first half of it relaxing inside by the fire and eating soup. To avoid coming down with cabin fever we ventured out in the early afternoon to take in some of the sights around Glencoe.

The mountains looked particularly fearsome with dark clouds above. At one point we tried to get out of the car to take some photos and potentially go for a short walk but the wind nearly blew us off the side of the cliff and so we hurried back to the car and shut all the doors.



Instead we went for a drive to Kinlochleven. The road winds around Loch Leven and some lovely scenery. At Kinlochleven is an indoor ice climbing wall.


The climbing centre from the outside.


The village was born from industry with an aluminium smelter that was powered by hydro electricity in the early 1900s. It is said to be the first village in the world where every home was connected to electricity.

After Kinlochleven the sun came out and we went for a walk.



Back up at the fearsome mountains we took some jumping shots.