The greenhouse

We were lucky to inherit a greenhouse with our house when we bought it almost 7 years ago now. I love growing veggies in there through the summer and love sitting inside on a sunny spring day when it’s still cold outside. Today in Aberdeen is 10C but inside the greenhouse it’s 28C. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a bath in there.

However, the greenhouse has been neglected over the years with lots of cracked glass and some glass had been replaced with plastic by the previous owner. In the storms early this year we lost several more panes of glass and it was looking very sad and sorry. The concrete around the base had also become crumbly.

We decided to get all the glass replaced and immediately it looked miles better as I was able to clean the remaining panes. All the cracked panes we’d had before were too fragile to touch so the glass overall was very grubby.

Inspired by the new glass I decided to try patching up the concrete base. I bought some lime mortar online and pointing tools. I’ve never done this before – but I gave it a try and mixed it all up in a big bucket. We don’t have a cement mixer.

I then applied it as best I could to all the gaps and holes.

After several weeks I decided it was time to paint it. I chose Graphenstone Biosphere lime paint which is apparently the most green certified eco paint in the world. It’s lime-based and actually removes CO2 from the air.

The result is amazing. It looks so nice!

Here’s the corner that had a huge crumbly hole.

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