My latest obsession

I have a tendency to get a bit obsessed about things like cycling, crochet, playgrounds etc …. but my latest obsession is gardening. I have always loved gardening but right now I have really fallen off the wagon. This is partly because spring has arrived and also because the garden at our new house is worthy of Aberdeen’s garden of the month award – no thanks to me I might add – if there was such an award.

At the place we were renting last year I planted some tomato seedlings over the summer, hoping to get some food out of them. They were about 5cm tall when I planted them and by the end of summer they were still 5cm tall. The climate is just not warm enough for them. But our new house has a glasshouse and I’m loving it. I’ve never had a glasshouse before. It gets quite hot inside but it’s a nice hot because it’s still cold outside here. The glasshouse also came with things like seed trays and so I’ve planted out a heap of seeds and some of them have already germinated.


The only problem now is that I forget which plant is in each row. They’re all different. Obviously I need some kind of filing system 🙂 I should be able to figure it out once they start getting big.

I’ve also got some tomato seedlings in a large hessian sack and one capsicum.


Our garden has lots of strawberries but they don’t fruit very much because they’re in a shady part of the garden so i decided to bring one of these into the greenhouse and it’s already sprouting lots of new leaves.


I’ll post my progress in about a month to see how much they’ve grown.


9 responses to “My latest obsession”

  1. Mum used to cut up yoghurt cartoons or similar and write on them in biro what was in each pot or row. Dad preferred lolly sticks – because he got to eat lollies! Good luck – i love my garden and watching it blossom.

  2. I love gardening, it’s such a rewarding hobby. We’ve also had little luck with tomatoes — last year they grew to a good size but the damp weather caused rot and hardly any of them were edible. Looking forward to the day I own a greenhouse 🙂

    • I always thought tomatoes were easy to grow so I was surprised when mine didn’t do anything last year. I’ll be sure to post pics of how they do in the greenhouse.

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