The strange language of teenagers plus foxes, birds and standing stones

The kids were talking the other day and said something that made absolutely no sense to me so I asked them to explain and after the explanation I was no closer to understanding what it meant. They speak another language. I'll tell you what they said and you see if you can figure it out:… Continue reading The strange language of teenagers plus foxes, birds and standing stones

Creating Minecraft mods: setting up the environment

Note: I've created a two YouTube videos showing how to do this - part 1 & part 2. Yesterday I posted a guide for installing Minecraft mods on a Mac. The logical next step to this is is creating your own mods. This is not quite as easy as installing them - you will need… Continue reading Creating Minecraft mods: setting up the environment

Sack racing in front of the Queen

We were very pleased to return our campervan today and return home to hot water and flushing toilets. I've realised that those old VW campervans are just for young, cool people who can defy their natural biology by not producing any poo. Ben and I both have war wounds. Ben for hitting his head on… Continue reading Sack racing in front of the Queen

This Beautiful Creature Must die

We're all addicted to the new 80s-themed Peta computer game to which The Smiths have lent their 1980s song, Meat is Murder. It's quite retro with 8-bit audio and pixelated graphics and it's also very addictive. The song grates on your nerves after a while though. Daniel is the reigning champion with a score of… Continue reading This Beautiful Creature Must die

Road works and Daniel's party

Street Maintenance Auckland Transport has spent the last week ripping up the footpaths and kerbs on our street and replacing them with new footpaths and kerbs. I can't think why they're doing this as the footpaths and kerbs looked fine to me before. What I find even more frustrating is the absence of a cycle… Continue reading Road works and Daniel's party