Making money

Daniel and Elizabeth have lately been playing with the little girl who lives next door. She’s about Daniel’s age and she comes to our house and the three of them play mummies and daddies. Yesterday during their game, Daniel went off to the play area and left his friend alone in the bedroom. We naturally asked him what he was doing. His reply: “We’re playing mummies and daddies and I’m the daddy and I’m going to work.” He than sat at his table in the playroom making things with pencil and paper. So again, we asked him what he was doing. His reply: “I’m making money”.  On closer inspection we discovered he was indeed making money, literally. He was drawing rectangles on a piece of paper, writing numbers in them and cutting them out.

3 Replies to “Making money”

  1. I hope Daniel is not bound for Wall Street, because that is exactly how investment banks make money

  2. I forgot to add here too, that the little girl who comes to play, invariably ends up tidying Daniel's bedroom when playing the role of Mummy. It's great!

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