A guest post from Busby the bike

I’m Busby the Bakfiets, Rachel’s bicycle. It was very cold last night and everything froze, including me:


My mistress tried to ride me this morning but couldn’t. First she tried to open the cover to let the two wriggly creatures inside but the cover was frozen shut. Eventually she got it open but the lock was frozen so she had to pour hot water on it. Then finally she got me moving but discovered my brakes were frozen too so she left me all alone and walked to school instead. I was a bit upset about this. It would have been great fun tearing down the hill with a heavy load and no brakes: the wind in my spokes, oh yeah. Rachel cycles like a grandma: incredibly slowly. Once a jogger even ran past us! How embarrassing is that!!! I may be a cargo bike but I can go fast. I’m not being used to my full potential.

I’m a little bit famous here in Aberdeen. Everyone stares at me in admiration – Rachel thinks they’re looking at her but they’re really looking at me. Don’t tell Rachel this as she might get upset. Even other bicycles are impressed and there are some hot wheels in Aberdeen. The wriggly creatures are a pain – sometimes they fight when I’m moving – but they also make me look like a family bike and chick bikes dig that.

Frozen drops.

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