What to buy a mathematician for Christmas

Men are hard to buy presents for. Mathematicians are even harder. All they really need is a pencil and some paper … and maybe a rubbish bin (unlike economists who don’t use the rubbish bin). Which reminds me of a joke: What do mathematicians do when they’re constipated? They work it out with a pencil.

I always struggle to think of something to buy Ben for Christmas but last Christmas I think I hit the jackpot: I bought him a whiteboard. He loves it! I love it too and so do the kids. In fact, we’ve all been using Ben’s whiteboard. Every home should have one. I’ll let you guess who did what on Ben’s whiteboard:


All our stuff from New Zealand arrived today. I’m never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever moving again. We have too much stuff. We previously had a minimalist thing going on here; now we’re surrounded by clutter. Oh well.