Park Güell

I’ve had a headache for the past 24 hours which pain killers are not killing and so there was only one thing to do: go for a run. It sounds counter-intuitive but running often alleviates headache pain for me. So this afternoon I ran up to Park Güell, a lovely park with some architectural features designed by Antoni Gaudí.

The park is set on the side of a steep hill overlooking Barcelona. It’s very leafy and beautifully landscaped with stone steps, winding pathways, views, trees, and gardens. It was lovely. Part of the park is pay-to-enter and I didn’t bother with this bit. I didn’t feel like standing in a queue and I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I just wanted to wander around, listening to music and absorbing my surroundings. I also felt like a bit of a slob in my tracky dacks and sneakers and more than a little bit sweaty from the run.

Here are my pics:

IMG_8863 IMG_8875 IMG_8887 IMG_8846 IMG_8852 IMG_8855 IMG_8866 IMG_8850 IMG_8871 IMG_8858 IMG_8872

Park Güell

16 responses to “Park Güell”

  1. It’s just so different – It’s lovely 🙂 I hope your run got rid of your headache?

    1. It made my headache much better but didn’t completely get rid of it. When I got back to my B&B I had a shower and a brief nap and by the time I was ready to head out for dinner it had gone.

      1. Glad you got rid of it in the end. I had a headache for weeks once; finally had a glass of wine when out for a meal – and Voila! Gone 🙂

  2. Beautiful.
    So true. Exercise has always been my antidote for whatever ails me. Hope your headache is gone.

    1. Yes, exercise is so good for us and so important for so many things. I think more clearly when I exercise too so it’s good for cognitive function.

  3. Gorgeous. Hope you feel better. I use the same. Lots of blood circulating to kill the pain!

    1. Yes, I’m much better, thanks. I used to just go to bed when I had a headache like that and would never dream of going for a run, but now that I’ve discovered how effective it is I do it all the time.

      1. Good to hear and glad you found a solution. I know how it feels.

  4. Glad you made it, not sure what Gaudi was on, but maybe we could all do with a bit of it?

    1. Yes, I want whatever he was taking 🙂

      He was so creative and had such good taste.

  5. What a beautiful place you are visiting – even with a headache!

    1. It was one of the loveliest parks I’ve ever seen. I was disappointed that part of it was pay-to-enter though. I don’t think it can be called a park when you have to pay.

  6. Wow! Even the railings are lovely.

    1. You’d love it so much. I hope you can visit Barcelona one day and see for yourself.

  7. This was the one place I would have visited if I could – my mum said it was the highlight of her visit there. However it was hot in August and trekking out there with the girls would have been pushing goodwill too far. I hadn’t realised how much good stuff you can see in the “free” bit. It’s nice that you are there in the cool of January to go for a run.

    1. I think Barcelona would be unpleasant in summer and so I don’t blame you for avoiding the walk to the park. I imagine it would be really crowded too.

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