Park Güell

I’ve had a headache for the past 24 hours which pain killers are not killing and so there was only one thing to do: go for a run. It sounds counter-intuitive but running often alleviates headache pain for me. So this afternoon I ran up to Park Güell, a lovely park with some architectural features designed by Antoni Gaudí.

The park is set on the side of a steep hill overlooking Barcelona. It’s very leafy and beautifully landscaped with stone steps, winding pathways, views, trees, and gardens. It was lovely. Part of the park is pay-to-enter and I didn’t bother with this bit. I didn’t feel like standing in a queue and I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I just wanted to wander around, listening to music and absorbing my surroundings. I also felt like a bit of a slob in my tracky dacks and sneakers and more than a little bit sweaty from the run.

Here are my pics:

IMG_8863 IMG_8875 IMG_8887 IMG_8846 IMG_8852 IMG_8855 IMG_8866 IMG_8850 IMG_8871 IMG_8858 IMG_8872

Park Güell