Elephants, chopsticks and the economy

Watching the Tory government over the past few weeks has been like watching an elephant try to pick up marbles with chopsticks. It would be quite funny except that we all now have to pay the price of their blunder with higher mortgage rates which are likely to last for years. Just three weeks of amateur GSCE economics and us plebs pay the cost for a lot longer.

None of us were asking for tax cuts. Indeed when Rishi Sunak raised taxes earlier this year to pay for social care there was barely a hiccup. Most of us want good social services and for this we pay tax. I personally want a good national health service, a world-class education system, a strong police force, and robust infrastructure. For these things I will pay my tax: I don’t complain. What I don’t want is for the country to borrow billions of pounds from overseas to fund tax cuts for very wealthy people in England (Scotland was not going to get any tax cuts) creating more debt for future generations, sending mortgages through the roof, and very nearly crashing pensions. And this is without considering the economic disaster that is Brexit. I think our hamster Rocket could have done a better job of managing the economy.

The Tory party has been in power for too long and I almost wonder whether they think so themselves: they seem to be doing all the right things to make themselves unelectable.

2 thoughts on “Elephants, chopsticks and the economy”

  1. I was in A&E supporting someone as they waited to be seen, when the person next to me did that male thing with his phone. No, not the usual dick pick, it was him in a smart suit, standing next to Rishi Sunak. It is the same really though, right?

  2. From what I hear, Labour’s a bit of a jumble, too, aren’t they? Labour’s doing a dog’s bollox job here, as well. They’ve been hellbent on pushing ideologies that aren’t going down well, and the latest local elections showed a swing to the right across a large part of the country. The right don’t do a much better job, but it’s the only way that people know how to stop what the left’s doing.

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