Don’t be an idler competiton

As many of my readers know a pet hate of mine is when motorists sit in their cars with their engines running poisoning us all with their fumes. Last year I contacted the council about the problem to see whether they could help. After all, it is illegal in Scotland to leave your engine idling. They directed me to the police so I contacted the police who sent me back to the council. No one wanted to do anything about it.

In the end I decided the only way to get something done was to do it myself and so this week the Aberdeen Cycle Forum has launched a competition for primary and secondary school pupils to design a “Don’t be an idler” poster to encourage people to turn their car engines off when idle. The winner will receive a large outdoor, waterproof banner featuring their design which can be pinned up on the school gate, or church fence, drama club wall … wherever parents with cars gather.

The competition closes on the 1st March 2021.

2 thoughts on “Don’t be an idler competiton”

  1. Getting kids on board is a great way to get to parents, or other adults in their lives, because they tell the adults off for not doing the right thing – lol! My grand-nephew told me off once for not buckling my seat belt for a short drive up a private lane. I complied 🙂

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