Henry, Humphrey and Hubert

We released three more hedgehogs into our backyard yesterday. We had four homes, all vacant, and Horace and Hortensia have integrated into the wider neighbourhood so we adopted Henry, Humphrey, and Hubert.

These boys are a bit smaller and younger so they didn’t roam as much and hung round our backyard more than the original two. I got lots of footage of them on the wildlife camera. They came from places they couldn’t be returned to. For instance, one of them was found at a building site in Montrose.

I haven’t checked their houses this morning to see whether they’re in there but when I went out at around 6am I spotted this one having a big feed.

There are lots of good places for them to sleep during the day without the house but the houses are important for their winter hibernation and for nesting.

Here’s a video of one of them eating just after we released them. It was a bit early in the day for him to be up but he’d had his sleep disrupted by the move.

Just after 1am one of them scampered past the pond. They look so funny when they move because they’re got fat bodies on short, skinny legs.

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