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  • Hedgehogs eating the snails and berries from my allotment

    Hedgehogs eating the snails and berries from my allotment

    Are you sick of hedgehog updates yet? We’ve been seeing the hedgehogs a lot. Last night we saw one of them clambering up the compost heap. Then this morning I saw one eating and drinking from the food bowl I put out. That green house is the Hogilo which you can buy from the British […]

  • Henry, Humphrey and Hubert

    Henry, Humphrey and Hubert

    We released three more hedgehogs into our backyard yesterday. We had four homes, all vacant, and Horace and Hortensia have integrated into the wider neighbourhood so we adopted Henry, Humphrey, and Hubert. These boys are a bit smaller and younger so they didn’t roam as much and hung round our backyard more than the original […]

  • Meet Horace and Hortensia

    Meet Horace and Hortensia

    We adopted two hedgehogs today from The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre. They put out a call recently on social media looking for homes for hedgehogs. They had 140 of them. To qualify for a hedgehog you have to provide them with a house in the backyard, food and water, live away from […]

  • A hedgehog house

    A hedgehog house

    We got a hedgehog house for our garden. I hope a hedgehog finds it suitable and movesĀ in. I think it looks very inviting. That old pot next to it has been dragged with us all over the world, from city to city and country to country. I think we got it in Christchurch. My war […]