Herring gull chick

The herring gull nesting in the chimney pots on our roof is now a parent as yesterday I spotted a chick. It’s hard to see in this photo so I’ve annotated around it with a red box. I don’t always see it as it’s behind the metal chimney but sometimes it peers out the side or over the top. It’s a cute little fluffy thing.

Whenever I stick my head out the window the parents go berserk and I don’t want to bother the neighbours so I’m trying not to look too often.

People here complain endlessly about noisy gulls but the reality is herring gulls are in decline and are on the conservation red-list which is for birds in urgent need of our help. It’s illegal to kill or harm wild birds in the UK or to disturb their nests. Yes they are noisy but this is the sound they make. We can hardly complain about animals making the noises they have evolved and for wanting to feed themselves and their families. They’re just trying to survive in a hostile world much as we are.

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