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  • Herring gull chick

    Herring gull chick

    The herring gull nesting in the chimney pots on our roof is now a parent as yesterday I spotted a chick. It’s hard to see in this photo so I’ve annotated around it with a red box. I don’t always see it as it’s behind the metal chimney but sometimes it peers out the side […]

  • Remembering Wildlife and Street Furniture

    Remembering Wildlife and Street Furniture

    This week I’ve received two books where I’m listed in the acknowledgments. I’ve never been acknowledged in a book before so to be in two books in one week is quite an achievement. I didn’t actually do much in either case so I don’t really deserve it but I fully support both projects and while […]

  • Christian the lion

    Yesterday I stumbled across the obituary of John Rendall who died this week of covid, aged 77. The story caught my eye because he and his flatmate bought a lion cub (Christian) from Harrods in the 1960s. I was expecting to read some awful case of animal torture but it turned out to be the […]

  • Ballochbuie forest and the Falls of Garbh Allt

    Ballochbuie forest and the Falls of Garbh Allt

    The Ballochbuie Forest is a fine remnant of the ancient Caldeonian forest which once covered much of Scotland. It was saved from being felled by Queen Victoria in 1878 and is the first example of woodland conservation in Scotland. Since then subsequent generations of the royal family have protected it. It’s not hard to see […]

  • Wind farms: love ’em or hate ’em?

    I promised one of my commentators that I’d write a blog post about wind farms. This is perhaps against my better judgement since there is sure to be a heated discussion in the comments but I am not usually one to shy away from a good debate. ┬áSo here goes. Why do wind farms generate […]