Craigendarroch, Ballater

We went for another fantastic walk today, this time up Craigendarroch in Ballater. I got lots of great photos.

We’ve climbed up Craigendarroch many times now and in all seasons and weathers. Today was mostly sunny and a very easy climb except for the beginning bit where we ended up off the path.

We usually walk up the path near the Craigendarroch hotel because it’s already quite close to the summit. To get to the hotel we walked along the River Dee from Ballater then clambered up the hill towards the road only we couldn’t find the path and it ended up being a very steep crawl up the cliff. Once at the hotel we join the path in the forest and headed straight up. It’s probably only about 30 minutes to the summit but steep in places. There are lovely views from the top where we stopped and had lunch.

Ballater has lots of restaurants and cafés. There’s also the train station which doubles as a library and museum. The museum bit is closed right now but when it’s open you can see an exact replica of the royal carriage which was used by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I suspect it will be open to visitors in the summer.

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