Fruit and hare

I had a busy weekend again although not quite as busy as the last one. I did some wallpapering in the kitchen. With the cupboards extending to above the picture rail I was able to easily wallpaper a section next to the start of the cupboards. Plus some of the old wallpaper was damaged when the old kitchen got removed.

I’m really happy with how it looks and how well it goes with the hare. Now we have “Fruit” by William Morris on every side of the kitchen. There’s just an area near the window that needs doing. There’s also a small issue to the left of the kitchen bench where the old kitchen bench used to be – it had a longer overhang.

That green strip at the top of the Georgian timber panelling is called a rebated dado rail. I had to figure this out in order to replace it. I couldn’t find one to match our existing one exactly so I’ll have to replace the whole strip but it’s not a very long stretch of wall, thankfully.

William Morris was an impressive man. This is rather confirmed by the length of the scroll on his Wikipedia page. Apart from designing textiles more than a hundred years ago that are still popular today, he was also a poet, author, artist, architectural conservationist, printer, translator, and social activist. Apparently he was the first novelist to write in the fantasy genre which is hugely popular today.

We have his curtains, wallpaper, and even William Morris placemats. It must be time to read one of his books.

4 thoughts on “Fruit and hare”

  1. The kitchen looks good with the green paint and William Morris wallpaper. When you’ve read one of his books, let us know what you think of it.

  2. It’s clever to have matched the wall and the radiator. I think you have to get special radiator paint, you can’t use the same type on both, is that right? They are a lovely colour. Green can be difficult to get right.

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