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  • Fruit and hare

    Fruit and hare

    I had a busy weekend again although not quite as busy as the last one. I did some wallpapering in the kitchen. With the cupboards extending to above the picture rail I was able to easily wallpaper a section next to the start of the cupboards. Plus some of the old wallpaper was damaged when […]

  • A new kitchen: before and after pics

    A new kitchen: before and after pics

    This week we got a new kitchen. It was planned last year and fortunately went in after the laundry fire and not before. The fire did make things a little more chaotic because last weekend we had to empty our old kitchen of stuff; stuff we were planning to put in the laundry. Instead we […]

  • Wallpapering the kitchen

    Wallpapering the kitchen

    Back in February we pulled a couple of cupboards from a wall in our kitchen. We wanted to put a table in the space and the shelves were in the way and a bit ugly too. Removing the cupboards left an even uglier patch on the wall behind. I love wallpaper and suddenly had an […]

  • Exposed pipes

    The ceiling has been repaired in the downstairs flat. Here are some pics of the damage. The first imageĀ is after leak number one, the second image is after leak number two, and the third image is our kitchen floor.   It’s quite astonishing how many layers there are between our home and the home below. […]