Wildfarmed flour at Bandit Bakery

All the bread at Bandit Bakery today was baked using Wildfarmed flour. This is wheat that is grown alongside other crops to increase soil health and biodiversity. Instead of one giant monoculture of wheat, the rows of wheat are interspersed with a herbal lay of plants, grasses, and legumes.

I bought my usual loaf of sourdough, plus a tin loaf, plus focaccia for the kids.

Bandit Bakery bread is the most delicious bread so I wasn’t expecting any huge difference but there was definitely more flavour to it. It seemed richer and I felt I could almost smell the freshly harvested crops.

It is more expensive to produce wheat in this way but it is surely worth it to protect the health of our soils for future generations and by extension, our own health.

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