Creag Bheag, Kingussie

We did a hill walk up Creag Bheag today. We were lucky to have views in all directions from the top and it was so calm with not even the whisper of wind at the top. The landscape has been gloriously silvery all day again today and it really felt like we’d stepped into the land of winter in Narnia.

I had to drag the kids out of bed this morning for the walk because I could see it was a clear day and I was worried the clouds would descend. There was little complaining from them though and they were similarly awestruck with Daniel describing it as epic. You know your kids are growing up when they start to appreciate the landscapes.

It’s a good walk of 4.25 miles if you do the full circuit which we did. We did our ascent from Ardvonie Road and it was a good path all the way up with steps in the steeper parts. At one point I was sure we were climbing the staircase to Santa’s Grotto. Doesn’t it look like Santa is just at the top of the stairs in this next photo?

And what do you know? Here’s Santa!

We walked down the other side towards Loch Gynach and it was difficult: very steep in parts and slippery. We had to get down on our bums a few times.

The whole area is gorgeous and the walk is well worth doing if you’re nearby.

8 thoughts on “Creag Bheag, Kingussie”

  1. I get put off walks sometimes because I don’t like the going down bits but actually there should be no shame in sliding down on your bum if you want to. You’d never get to see such amazing sights otherwise.

    1. Going down is definitely harder than going up. It took us a long time to descend but we took our time and went carefully and thre’s absolutely nothing wrong with crouching down and using hands.

  2. Haha – I’ve done a ‘bum descend’ more than once as well 🙂 Sensational scenery! The burning question, though, is can you all roll your tongues from the sides? Apparently, this is a genetically inherited trait, so you can either do it or you can’t. I’m sure there’s a evolutionary advantage in being able to do this, and if I ever find out what that is I’ll let you know 😄

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