Adventure cat

I put the cat backpack on this morning, crouched down on the floor, and Victoria jumped in! I decided to take her for another wee walk along the bike path. This time I kept the top flap open but because it was not a planned walk I hadn’t put her harness on. She seemed to like looking out.

Just when I was about to turn around and return home she jumped out and took off! Fortunately I managed to pick her up again before she disappeared and I decided to walk her back home in my arms. When I got to our back gate I half slipped, although I didn’t quite fall over, but this must have frightened her because then she lashed out at me scratching my neck. Next time I will be sure to either close the top flap or put her harness on so she can’t jump out.


7 thoughts on “Adventure cat”

  1. Oh my! I hope the scratch didn’t break skin. And I’m glad you were able to catch Victoria before she dashed off into the wild! When I first saw pictures of your “cat pack,” I thought my cat would never stand for it: she just doesn’t like being inside of a carrier, even if you gave her a window seat with fresh tuna snacks and a bottle of kitty champagne. It sounds like Victoria is a very mellow cat who likes traveling, which is nice for her humans.

    1. Victoria is ornery and I’ve had lots of scratches that draw blood. I’ll be patting her one minute and she’ll be purring then suddenly she’ll lash out. It’s just her personality but we still love her.

      Probably if you put the cat carrier on the ground and left it unattended your cat would go in and explore. Cats like little hidey spaces and so I’ve left the backpack on the ground for her to climb in and out. I sometimes also play with her when she’s in it to give her good associations with it. I guess if a cat associates the vet with the carrier then I can understand they might avoid it.

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