cat backpack

Cat in a backpack

This week we got a cat backpack for Victoria. I’ve had a carry case for her since she was a kitten but it’s quite flimsy and difficult to carry any great distance. I always walk when I take her to the vet and so I wanted something more comfortable for both of us. Plus it will be useful when we take her away on trips with us.

We got the Jackson Galaxy from Your Cat Backpack, an American company. It was more expensive than the ones you can buy on Amazon but it’s made in the US and the quality and functionality make it worth the money. Cheap flimsy things on Amazon tend to be a false economy. They’re usually made in China, fall apart pretty quickly, and underperform when they are in use. Anything that involves pets, especially pets with sharp claws, needs to be tough.

Victoria likes the backpack so far. She jumps into it of her own volition.

I have carried her in it around the house and it’s very comfortable for the human.

Daniel also had a go.

You can stick your fingers in the holes and she likes swiping at them but be warned: you could lose a finger playing this game.

The top of the backpack can be left open for the cat to peer out. You can put a harness on them which clips to the backpack preventing them from leaping out while you’re out walking. The only danger is someone may be drawn to pat the cat and lose a couple of fingers in the process.

I’ll let you know how it goes after our first proper walk in the world.

12 thoughts on “Cat in a backpack”

  1. Looks great. Gets hot inside it, I expect, but I guess you won’t be going long distances on a hot day with her inside it 😊 It would be worth looking at just as a general cat carrier for anyone, instead of using a crate, seeing as Victoria actually likes getting into it. I’m surmising that that’s a ‘cat thing’ rather than just a ‘Victoria thing’, because it’s like getting into a box with a window 😄

    1. Yes, I’ve wondered about whether it would get hot in there too. Probably in a hot climate it could definitely be uncomfortable. There are lots of vents and the sides are mesh but the best is you can leave the top open so they can stick their head out. It’s not likely to be a problem in Scotland though as it never gets hot.

  2. At first I was all “Why?” and then realising the potential of getting a cat to the vet in a hurry 🐈 especially if there’s no vehicle, then I was all “Right, great idea!” Still, the window does look like a washing machine. 🐱

    1. Exactly! Most people put their cats in a hard plastic carrier and into the car. They only have to carry it from the house to the car but we walk everywhere including to the vets.

  3. I wish I’d known about these. I think part of the problem with a carrier is that just for the human to lug it (if they are small in comparison with the carrier…) there’s a lot of swinging and bumping about for the cat. Whereas carrying on your back is more natural and easier. And then, finding one that is properly made is its own task. I’m glad Victoria has one of these.

    1. Yes, that was my problem exactly. It was tiring lugging her around in the old carrier and it bumped and bounced so I’d hold it up high in my arms to try to stop it but that made it more difficult. This will be better for car journeys too as we can leave the top open so she can peer out. She also seems to find it more comfortable.

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