Highland dance exam

Elizabeth had her highland dance exam today. It all went well as far as we know but she won’t get any feedback for a little while as it was recorded and the judges will have to watch it. I took this photo of her waiting outside the dance studio in her full dance outfit.

They don’t have to wear masks when they’re dancing, only when they enter and leave the premises. The pink boots are not part of the outfit but rather are protecting her pumps which shouldn’t be worn outside.

I took this video of her before we left but we were in a rush and the camera work is not very good, sorry. The dancer is brilliant though. This is the Highland Fling in the video. She had to do this dance and also the sword dance for her exam.

She’s been learning highland dance for several years now and still enjoys it. I hope she keeps it up as it’s great exercise. Even though we now own a car we still walk to highland dance which is only about 20 minutes. I asked her whether she’d like to drive there (I was not being serious but wanted to see what she’d say) and she responded with an emphatic “NO!” Both she and Daniel are keen to continue walking around Aberdeen as we’ve always done which makes me feel proud.

The “Don’t be an idler!” competition we ran at the Aberdeen Cycle Forum earlier this year has definitely had an impact. I used to wait outside highland dance in a haze of car fumes as parents sat with their engines running waiting for little Karen. Now they sit with their engines off.

We also created a banner for loan to schools and already two schools have asked to borrow it, one in Aberdeen and the other in Huntly.

As it’s school holidays soon we asked the Huntly school whether they’d prefer to wait until after the holidays but instead they’re going to display it in the village over the summer which is terrific! We’ll have to make a visit to Huntly over the school holidays to have a look.

2 thoughts on “Highland dance exam”

  1. What are the origins of highland dance, do you know? Just asking because sometimes dances have roots in things that didn’t start off as dance.

    1. I don’t know all that much other than it used to be performed by men rather than being the female dominated sport it is today. I think it goes back hundreds or years but the current form dates back to the Victorian era.

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