Snow in April

I planted sweet peas outside last month and whenever I plant out sweet peas in March it snows in April. Sure enough, the snow came on Monday and each morning we’ve woken to a winter wonderland. Here it is this morning.

There’s more today than on Monday or Tuesday but it feels warm so I don’t think it will last long. There’s probably just enough for a snowman and maybe even some sledging if it’s still around when the kids get out of bed. They’ve turned into teenagers.

I love it when the snows sits on the leaves and tree branches.

It has just started snowing again now.

Ben is feeling better. His side-effects from the vaccine lasted about 24-48 hours.

5 responses to “Snow in April”

  1. It looks lovely. So beautiful to gaze at.

    1. Thanks. It is beautiful.

  2. We had snow on Tuesday while I was on Skype to my German teacher and they’d had it like you, properly on the ground, in Birmingham, while I was proudly describing my surprise at these few flakes coming past my window.
    Yes it’s very nice when snow sits on tree leaves. It looks so delicate.

    1. It all disappeared very quickly and there’s none left here now. It’s warm again 🙂

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