Sunshine and blizzards

Aberdeen put on a beautiful day today with bursts of sunshine mixed in with intermittent snow blizzards. It was a perfect day. There’s more snow on the ground than I think I’ve ever seen in Aberdeen in the almost 7 years we’ve lived here. It’s lovely soft stuff that makes brilliant snowmen.

We all had school or work today so most of it was spent indoors looking longingly through the window but we did sneak to the park at lunchtime for a quick sledge down the slopes. I also went for my usual run in the morning and took these pics.

We went to the sledging slope at lunch and it was in hot demand by the many children who would normally be at school if it wasn’t for the pesky plague.

Ben showed us all a unique way to stop when you get to the bottom.

Daniel and I built Longneck Larry.

Victoria thinks it’s pretty wonderful and has been frolicking about in it, chasing snowballs, digging her paws in and generally looking like she’s having a great time.

It’s quite a change from last week when we just had rain, rain, and more rain and she decided one day, after looking outside, that she was going to stay indoors.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and blizzards”

  1. Animals can love snow! I remember my parents’ dog frolicking away in it, during the 2011 and 2012 snowfalls in Christchurch. We haven’t had any since then, which is why I remember the frolicking so vividly – lol! The snow scenes you’ve snapped look beautiful 🙂

    1. Yes, I used to have dogs and they loved snow too. This is my first time with a cat in the snow and she reminds me of my dogs. There are lots of dogs at our local park too and they’re quite clearly enjoying themselves in the snow.

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