Wild and windy February day at Torry battery

Everywhere in Scotland has been getting massive amounts of snow except for Aberdeen. One family in Moray couldn’t even get out their front door there was so much snow. All Scottish ski fields have more snow than they’e had for years, probably decades, and yet they’re all shut because of covid and we can’t leave Aberdeen because of covid. It’s tragic. Even Banchory, which is literally just 20 minutes away, has snow but we can’t go there. It’s a cruel world.

Finally today Aberdeen got a sprinkling of the white stuff. There’s not enough for sledging but more is forecast for tomorrow so I’m ever hopeful. It’s so nice to be outside walking when it’s snowing.

We walked to Torry battery to get some exercise and were entertained for quite some time by the waves crashing over the jetty. I took photos until my fingers froze. I’m not sure which photo I like best so here are several of them and a video.

This next photo is so quintessentially Aberdeen.

I took a video of the action.

5 thoughts on “Wild and windy February day at Torry battery”

  1. I watched the video! Really helped to understand the intensity.
    I learning a new word: sledging.
    noun British
    noun: sledging; plural noun: sledgings

    the activity of traveling or sliding downhill over snow on a sled.

    But then how was I to know? Don’t speak British, rarely see snow and don’t own a sledge. 😉

    1. Lol you’re so funny. We love snow and cold and sledging but some people prefer hot and sunny and that’s great. I’m guessing you live somewhere warm?

      1. I lived in cold for the first 30 years of my life. Couldn’t return. Have no winter clothes any more. 😦
        It can get very cold in southern US. But has been in 70F to 80F in January and then back down in 30F.
        I don’t move around much. Typing doesn’t do much to keep one warm.

  2. How frustrating not to have snow. We had some overnight, and we never get snow right on the South East coast, so hopefully you will have more. Pretty pictures though, it sounds strange, but the steel coloured sky is really evocative of the steely cold.

    1. We do have snow now and it’s lovely! There’s more than I’ve ever seen in the 7 years we’ve lived here. The forecast says it will continue overnight and tomorrow too.

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