Pot-pourri from a Surrey Garden

This book appeared in the post today. It was addressed to me but I have no idea who sent it. Perhaps it’s a birthday present? Thank you whoever you are! It’s right up my alley. In the forward it says, “Through her writing, she [Mrs C.W. Earle] swayed a wide public away from geometric formality in garden design towards the idea of allowing the garden to grow ‘freely’, producing a ‘natural’ garden that reflected the Pre-Raphaelite doctrine of ‘fidelity to nature’ which had influenced Mrs Earle. ”

Anyone who knows me or who has seen me at work on the allotment will know I don’t do straight lines instead preferring to bung stuff in all over the place. I don’t really do it consciously, I think it’s more to do with a lack of planning on my part, but I do believe there are some benefits with this approach. Mixing up plants makes them less susceptible to pests and disease.

I look forward to reading what Mrs Earle has to say on the matter.

2 responses to “Pot-pourri from a Surrey Garden”

  1. I admire cottage gardens – natural is harder than it looks, especially natural abundance. Mine tends towards weeds. How nice that someone should know your tastes so well

    • Yes, they always looks so natural and easy but when you actually try it yourself it’s quite hard. I have never been able to do it myself. Maybe this book will help.

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