Bad science

I've just finished reading Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. It was published in 2008 but is still relevant today. Indeed I think it should be compulsory reading for high school students and all journalism undergraduates. There's a fascinating chapter on the placebo effect, an eerily familiar chapter about the denial by some that HIV causes… Continue reading Bad science

Pot-pourri from a Surrey Garden

This book appeared in the post today. It was addressed to me but I have no idea who sent it. Perhaps it's a birthday present? Thank you whoever you are! It's right up my alley. In the forward it says, "Through her writing, she [Mrs C.W. Earle] swayed a wide public away from geometric formality… Continue reading Pot-pourri from a Surrey Garden

University staff now working from home #COVID2019

Ben is working from home starting today. After the Christchurch earthquakes, he was unable to access his office at the university for several months. This time he has had advanced warning and so yesterday he didn't leave the office until after midnight because he was packing everything he needs to work from home. The earthquakes… Continue reading University staff now working from home #COVID2019