Vegan burgers, walking the cat, and swimming in the Dee

The past few weeks I’ve been able to order groceries online again after several months without and I’ve switched over to Tesco because their vegan range is wonderful. One item we love is the katsu curry burger – even Daniel loves it and he’s never been keen on vegan burgers. This one consists of sweet potato, beans, carrots, rice and various other things. You can read the ingredients on the Tesco website. They even have a vegan brioche burger bun and vegan mayonnaise.


Here’s Daniel making his burger and smearing on my homemade courgette chutney.


We got a harness for Victoria so we can take her out on a lead. Cats aren’t so keen on being on a lead so I thought I’d try to get her used to it while she’s young. She didn’t seem to mind it and was curious but a little nervous about being outside.



We all went for a walk along the river today and past the lovely Bridge of Dee. I do love an old stone bridge.



I decided to brave it and take a dip in the river and got to wear my new Bridget Jones’ big pants swimsuit.


It was really shallow and I didn’t want to go too far out.




I got wet up to my waist. Does that count as a swim? I couldn’t convince the kids to join me.


And here’s the Victoria asleep on my lap.


7 responses to “Vegan burgers, walking the cat, and swimming in the Dee”

  1. I’m not so happy to swim in open water these days, but recall the canal swimming in summer as the loveliest way to cool down, especially under the bridge.

    • Yes, I’m pretty cautious too and wouldn’t go far out in a river because strong currents can pull you under. There was no chance of that happening fortunately.

  2. I guess at that age, Victoria’s too young to be out on her own, so walking her is the best way to get her some exercise. Its not really swimming, more relaxed paddling!

    • Yes, she’s still a kitten and too small to venture out on her own. This was her first trip outside. And yes, I don’t think I can really say I’ve swum in the River Dee. I’ll have to make do with saying I say in it 🙂

  3. We had vegan burgers on Saturday too. This month the cafe has Thai red curry, which is one of my favourites, the sweeter and sour flavours suit the burgers, and these are particularly moist. Courgette chutney sounds delicious.

    • Nice! I love Thai food. It’s probably my favourite cuisine of all but there’s so much coconut milk in it and I prefer not to cook with it so we don’t have it very often.

  4. I never ate a vegan burger? What are they? At Richmond, nearby here in Tasmania the Coal River is spanned by Australia’s oldest bridge, built-in 1832 by convict labour. At http://www.the Hobart y’all find more interesting details

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