Strawberries galore, in the paper, and changes afoot

It’s Friday already. I don’t know where the week has gone. We’re getting so many strawberries just from our backyard right now. They almost spread like weeds here. This is what I picked when I went out this morning.


Aberdeen is going through some very exciting changes. On an almost weekly basis now the council produces more plans for walking and cycling infrastructure and on the whole it looks very promising. This week they’ve been asking for feedback for plans for an active travel corridor along the beach. Today is the last day to respond. You can do so here:

There was an article in the paper about it on Monday which features me!


I offered to do a jumping shot for the photographer and was a bit disappointed when it didn’t make the paper. But here it is below:


The section of Union Street that has been completely closed to traffic is a joy to walk and cycle. Businesses on Union Street have really struggled over the past couple of decades with declining foot traffic as people flock to the shopping malls. I have always despised shopping malls – they are soulless, synethic places. But now the high street has been handed this opportunity with noisy, polluting traffic removed and the benefits of being in an outdoor, open space. Shopping malls are suddenly less appealing with a novel virus on the loose. I hope this is the start of a comeback for Union Street.

4 thoughts on “Strawberries galore, in the paper, and changes afoot”

  1. Well done with all your campaigning. Rhiannon and I have been feeling fed up recently, so many news stories about people behaving badly with litter etc. It’s really heartening to think that it is possible for things to get better if people speak up and put forward sensible propositions.

    1. I’ve seen the images of litter all over parks and beaches. It is really sad to see and something needs to be done about it. I think we need to introduce fines and also compulsory community service for people who do that.

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