Strawberries galore, in the paper, and changes afoot

It's Friday already. I don't know where the week has gone. We're getting so many strawberries just from our backyard right now. They almost spread like weeds here. This is what I picked when I went out this morning. Aberdeen is going through some very exciting changes. On an almost weekly basis now the council… Continue reading Strawberries galore, in the paper, and changes afoot

In the paper and studying for the life in the UK test

This past week has been a very busy media week for me. As part of my volunteer role with the Aberdeen Cycle Forum I respond to all queries from the media and they seem to come in waves. For months it's quiet and then suddenly everyone wants to write about cycling and they call the… Continue reading In the paper and studying for the life in the UK test

My kids are amazing and I was on TV!

It was parent-teacher interviews at school last night and I'm so proud of the kids. They're just amazing in every way. Elizabeth, according to her teacher, finishes her maths work in class then goes around from table to table helping other pupils with theirs. Her writing is also exemplary and she is spelling to the… Continue reading My kids are amazing and I was on TV!

Beetroots, beans and bikes

We went to the allotment today and the kids harvested a couple of beetroots. The allotment is giving us beetroots, tomatoes, broccoli, kale, and herbs right now. The other crops have either died away with the cooler weather or have been harvested already. We have an abundance of kale which should see us right through… Continue reading Beetroots, beans and bikes