Wallpapering the kitchen

Back in February we pulled a couple of cupboards from a wall in our kitchen. We wanted to put a table in the space and the shelves were in the way and a bit ugly too.


Removing the cupboards left an even uglier patch on the wall behind.


I love wallpaper and suddenly had an excuse to paper a whole wall in the kitchen with William Morris. We decided to pay a professional to do it. I have done a few easy wallpapering jobs myself but the professionals are faster and do a better job. Plus we have to do our bit to support the economy.

We booked someone in for early April then lockdown started and we’ve had to live with that ugly wall until today! I did consider doing it myself but didn’t want to do it and then have to pay someone to come and redo my job. That happened once before. Finally the wallpapering is done and it looks brilliant.


The fan-asissted oven in our Rangemaster also broke in March and we’ve had to survive without it since then. Fortunately Rangemasters come with two ovens so we were able to use the second one otherwise we’d have been in trouble. A man is coming next week to fix it. Yay!

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